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First Ever NFT Token ($FEN)
8 min readFeb 10, 2022


Today’s AMA will have 3 sessions

Sessions 1: The chat will be muted & the team will introduce themselves then we will ask some introductory questions to the team First Ever NFT.

Sessions 2: We will pick 5 Best Question from our members on Our Twitter

Sessions 3: 5 question from telegram.

My name is Qazam Nissan, I am the Co-Founder of First Ever NFT ($FEN)

Q1). why did you choose this name for your project? What does it mean to you?

A1). When we first launched our NFT collection back in August of 2021, we felt like we entering a huge evolving market, and in the field of sports NFTs, we definitely were “First Ever”

The name means to me that I always have to push to be first in every business decision we make for the project, one of the best decisions was to enter BitMart’s shooting star program!

Session 1 AMA

Question 1: What is your mission and vision for this project? What do you want to achieve through your project in the future?

A1) Our mission is to bring football fans worldwide into crypto and NFTs, and help low income rising stars football players achieve their goals! for crypto investors, it is important to have a project that they feel connected to, and with our new P2E game, you can play with your favorite NFT Player and EARN $FEN for each game!

in the near future we will release a mobile version to the game as well, with wallet connection option that will allow users to collect $FEN prizes

Question 2: Users often care less about technology, but rather the value of the token. How do you manage to strike a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of the token?

A2) technology is important, it is the heart of our business model.

Though we are fully aware that oftentimes investors take technology as a stepping stone towards a good investment, which results in a clear-cut look at the final price of each token!

Everyone needs to understand that when you are part of the community, you are an investor, and as an investor we want you to have the best experience by having the token price increase which will result in profit for you!

We are community driven. if we all HODL, we are done.

Question 3: Asia, Africa and other communities are Non-English speaking communities, how will your project create global adoption to more local communities?

A3) This is part of the reason we are here answering questions on a worldwide audience! We are scheduled to appear in many more AMAs with different audiences, all around the world, to help people understand our project and to help understand why we are here.

We are working hard to implement an auto translator to our website so people worldwide would have a chance to understand what First Ever NFT is all about.


Question 4: outside of bitmart, we know that most tokens offer different tokenomics, what is special about $FEN Tokenomics and why it is better than other projects out there?

A4) Great Question! Most projects these days offer very vague Tokenomics, not fully explained and at times misleading. The tokenomics behind $FEN is very easy to understand: FEN TOKEN HAS ZERO TAX!, meaning there are no tokenomics that should concern DEX buyers. the amount you are trying to purchase will be the amount you will receive to your wallet! We are one of very few projects that are able to offer this to our investors.

Question 5: Can anybody anywhere use this project without Any restrictions?

A5) Yes! our project is decentralized in its core, and the P2E game is open for users worldwide, even if they don’t have the NFT yet, they can play it for free on our web version!

Please try it for yourself now:

Those who purchase the NFTs will have the chance to win $FEN tokens on top of the fun gameplay!

Additionally, Every time your player scores a goal in *real life* you receive $FEN token drop!

Question 6: Where can we buy $FEN? Do you have plans to list on more exchanges?

A6) As you can tell, BitMart only accepts High quality BlockChain Projects, and we are happy to be one of them!

As of today, $FEN is not yet available to purchase.

Here is a timeline for $FEN Listing Schedule and Availability to investors:

Feb 11th: Shooting Stars Program, where 5,555,555 FEN Tokens are available at a flash sale for BitMart Registered users.

Feb 14th: Listing on BitMart exchange where the public can purchase the token as well

Feb 14th: Listing on PancakeSwap for Decentralized users

We do plan to list in other exchanges as well in the near future, to bring the power of our project to users worldwide!

Question 7: How did you get the community involved in developing the project?

A7) We aim to build a community out of Investors, who like money, and football fans who believe in the future of this agenda!

This community expands on a daily basis and currently has over 50K members from all around the world, and counting. We got most of them involved by having WEEKLY GIVEAWAYS and AIRDROPS on our official twitter Telegram Chat. We host many Daily giveaways as well which are often announced by influencers around the world. We try to upload a giveaway by a local influencer on twitter at least once a day.

We will fly out one NFT holder to our HQ to watch the Champions league Finals together!

We will move on to session 2

Sessions 2: We will pick 5 Best Questions from our members on Our Twitter.

Question 1: Many games today set high costs to start the game & therefore start with a small player base. Does ”firstevernft” have an entrance fee or starting conditions & if so, what are they? Do I need to hold an NFT or hold a certain amount of tokens in order to enjoy & play the firstevernft? (

A1) FEN Game is open for everyone!

We released the demo game yesterday, and it is available on a web version here:

You don’t need to hold tokens or an NFT in order to enjoy the game.

When the full version is out, you will need to hold a Crypto Player NFT which you can easily purchase on opensea:(, in order to earn $FEN on each successful game you play.

Those who hold the NFT, and win, will be able to collect more and more $FEN Tokens!

Question 2: NFT Gaming is the fact that most of the games are pay to win because the more expensive NFT you buy, the easier you can win. How will you make sure that their game isn’t pay to win & fair? This is important so that the game will keep attracting new players? (

A2) Great Question!

Our game is designed to avoid pay2win scenarios, so every game is played with same mechanics, regardless of the rarity and or cost of the NFT Crypto Player used in the match!

The more you play, the more you can win!

In order to really understand how it works, we have a demo version already out! with mobile version scheduled to launch mid March of this year.

To try the game for yourself, you can visit:

Remember, FEN Token, MADE TO BE PLAYED!

Question 3: One of the most common complaints from players is that at the end of the day they spend too much time, they get rewards that are worthless. Can you explain how players will get their money’s worth on the platform? (

A3) Good one!

This is the reason we are going to use $FEN tokens as a direct reward! no useless NFT addons, like other popular games!

The game will bring high value to the token, and the token will do the same to the game!

Our token uses ZERO TAX mechanics! one of the only tokens out there that use this method, this gives the player/investor a clear image of out much they gain on each investment or game prize!

We are going to have a Crypto Player NFT Giveaway very soon on Twitter, make sure to join and stay tuned!

Question 4: One of the limitations of some P2E games is that they require a high initial investment to start playing, many of which are very expensive. Could we start playing #FirstEverNFT with small investment? (

A4) You can start playing the game for FREE!

You can enjoy the game as much as you want on our FREE demo version that is out on our official website right now!

In order to win rewards, you will have to hold a crypto player in your wallet, which are currently at a floor price of just 0.04 Eth on our official collection on opensea:

you can also view the entire collection on the official collection website: and join Weekly giveaways as well!

Question 5: Has firstevernft been audited? or still in progress? Is the security of firstevernft guaranteed? because we know too many projects have been hacked, and are you guys prepared for the security of your own system? (

A5) Yes! $FEN Smart contract is fully audited and can be viewed publicly here:

Additionally, our game is located on a separate dedicated server that stores the data of each player before they collect their $FEN Earnings, this is to prevent future data loss and tampering with the data!

Alright, Session 2 has finished perfectly. Appreciate your detailed responses.

We’ll move on to session 3

Sessions 3: The conversation will open to the community questions and the best questions will be selected.

Don’t forget to join the group

Please choose the best 5 questions and answer them for session 3.

Q1) Are you planning to integrate with other different blockchain technologies to expand the ecosystem and generate more trust?

A1) Yes.

n the future we will have bridges between other blockchains as well.

This will help users with different wallets get $FEN to their portfolio.

Q2) Every project innovators are always on the edge of giving the positive and good features of their project, but can you kindly give a few killer features of your project to investors?

A2) Thanks for the question.

We are one of the only projects that offer:

1-Free game, no need to pay or buy NFT in order to play it.

2-ZERO TAX — most projects have 10–15% tax as a normal when people purchase their tokens on DEX’s, WE DONT HAVE TAX!

Q3) Where can I buy your tokens now, what are your current contracts and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

A3) You can buy $FEN Exclusively on BitMart shooting stars tomorrow!

We Have primary listing on Monday, Feb 14th

We also launch the same day on pancakeswap.

Q4) Do you have any strategic partnerships with other defi projects that you can tell us about?

A4) We are working hard to partner with a very well known metaverse project.

Nothing is final, but we are trying to have football matches with our Crypto Players inside an existing metaverse! where people will pay to go to games, and the NFT owners will receive the payment!

Q5) When will the project take place Pre-sale? Where will it be held? If it’s possible then Please Share me Pre-sale link.

A5) We will be launched on Bitmart Shooting Stars program as presale. We might also have an option for investors to buy on pinksale, before our launch on bitmart and pancakeswap, on Feb 14th

Congratulations to the winners of session 3.

@Murray72iw @Lonhu899 @dej8458ifb @shyazarsky @Raia02ka

For questions that have not been answered today, you can send them to @firstevernft for answers.

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First Ever NFT Token ($FEN)

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